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"Eyelast Extensions are the best thing that ever happened too me! I wake up and automatically feel like I look refresed and well rested without an ounce of make-up applied. Ashley is an absolute sweetheart to work with! She has an amazing personality and was born a southern bell at heart. I am so glad that her heart guided her to Nashville, TN and I have the privledge to be one of her clients. Not, to mention that she is an amazing mother of her sweet son! I admire that she is able to be sucessful with her business and balance being completly present in her son's life."

-Nicole Garvin, PMR at Vanderbilt Medical Center, Nashville, TN


"...I love them! I can not wait to show them off at the next party!! My husband loves how they look...natural but sexy!! The experience was so relaxing. Ashley was patient, calm and very sweet. When you have someone that close to such a sensitive area, you need to feel relaxed! To say I am happy with the entire experience is an understatement!"

-Lisa Schneider, Marketing Mgr., Nashville Perfect Wedding Guide, Nashville, TN


"Incredible! I wake up every morning excited to look in the mirror! I don't look as tired anymore, and I can walk out of the house without makeup and feel confident. I can't see myself without them now! It is something so simple and easy that can completely change the way you look and feel. I am constantly batting my eyelashes now! Ashley is the sweetest and adds fun and laughs at every touch up. She's a keeper!"

-Samantha D., Model, Actress, Nashville, TN


"If I had to choose between maintaining Botox treatments, or eyelash extensions- it'd be EYELASH EXTENSIONS! Hands down! Ashley you do amazing work!"
-Laura Bennett, Business Owner, Denver, CO


"I can say without a doubt that if you are looking to 'bring your sexy back', the Southern Lash Lounge is the place for you! Ashley knows how to make your lashes look natural while enhancing your already fabulous self. No brainer ladies!"

-Kristi Hayes, Nurse Practitioner, Nashville, TN


"I woke up so pretty today!!!! Just sayin'!! Thanks bunches girl for working us in and especially for repairing the damage!! You are my hero!!!"

-Audra Olsen, CEO JAMO Music, Dallas, TX

"Ashley is simply the best there is when it comes to eyelash extensions! I have been getting eyelash extensions for a few years now. In that time I have tried almost every place that Nashville has to offer from the high end, expensive salons to the newbie in training. Ashley has them all beat! Her pricing is very affordable but you don't lose service or quality to make up for it! I get compliments daily on how "lucky" I am to have such gorgeous lashes. All of the credit goes to Ashley at Southern Lash Lounge!"

-Deana Whitlock, Events Coordinator, Nashville, TN


"There are so many praises to be given about Ashley and her work at Southern Lash Lounge! First, she creates a calm, soothing environment as she works wonders on your lashes. The finishing product is GORGEOUS! I don't know how I was living l...ife without my new lashes! They are long, full, and absolutely beautiful! I can go out with no makeup and feel stunning with my lashes! And did I mention that her prices are UNBEATABLE! Thank you Ashley for your wonderful, wonderful work!"

-Taneka Reynolds, Registered Nurse, Nasville, TN

"Ashley was out of town doing eyelashes in a different state for a VIP client, and I tried to get a fill with someone else at a local salon in Nashville. NEVER AGAIN! Their work doesn't even come close to how perfect my lashes turn out when Ashley does them! I recommend her to all of my girlfriends!"
-Petra Stevison, Accountant, Nashville, TN


"I love Ashley and the Southern Lash Lounge! She does beautiful work, her prices are very reasonable, and her schedule is flexible. She listens to my creative vision each time I go in and the result is nothing short of gorgeous. I can literally say "I woke up like this"! I am officially OBSESSED with my extensions and Ashley will always be my go-to girl for my lashes! Hooked for life!"

-Summer Matte, Mount Juliet, TN


"I would like to give a shout out to Ashley at Southern Lash Lounge! I have been obsessed with lashes for a couple years now...started slow with strips (yuck), then with tabs (problem with that is they are only good for a day or so and when one falls off theres a gap!) I finally graduated to the extensions, and then the lady I had doing them moved I went on a search and found several people that weren't that great. Some used so much glue that was clogging my real lashes and they wouldn't grow and falling off. Tried a couple Groupons and dealing with the people that posted them was a headache and they too didn't do a very good job. Luckily Ashley had seen a review I posted on a Groupon and reached out to me, and I am so THANKFUL! Ashley is professional, quick, and knows what she is doing! Everyone THINKS they can apply these but it is truly an art and has to be perfected. I would tell anyone if they are looking for a great look Ashley is the person to call! I don't even wear make up half the time and people constantly ask me if my lashes a real! I encourage you to go straight to Ashley, but if you need second opinions ect, go the route I did, waste money, time, and your lash health...but in the end I bet you will end up at Southern Lash Lounge to get all those disasters fixed!" -Jennifer Kreusch, Mount Juliet, TN


"I used a cheap eye lash curler that cut my lashes clean off! I called Ashley in a panic to see if lash extensions would make it all better. After an emergency appointment, I'm now a lash extension addict!"

-Jessica Frech, Musician, Nashville, TN


"I am so glad I found Ashley at Southern Lash Lounge! I'm a mess at putting on mascara, but it is an essential piece of makeup that adds to your natural sparkle! Now that I have these amazing lash extensions, I keep that extra "pop" 24hrs a day! I always feel pretty! I've seen some other lash extensions, and you can barely tell they are there! Ashley uses only the best lashes that will continue to look great for weeks! It had been four weeks since I had them done at one point and I still got asked 3 times that week what mascara I use! BEST THING EVER!"

Samantha Hagen, Mother, Franklin, TN


"I guess you could say I've had my fair share of lash extensions in the past. Every place I went seemed great from the beginning, but as days and even short weeks went by, they would either easily fall off, or be extremely hard to get off. It was never a happy medium, and I found myself never satisfied. After being slightly scared to try my luck again, a coworker referred me to Ashley Norvelle. She promised me she was wonderful. I finally set up an appointment and was extremely pleased from the beginning. As weeks went by I expected the extensions to either fall off or come out in clumps. To my disbelief, this NEVER happened! They continue to look flawless even up to my fill-in appointment. Literally almost every person I come in contact with compliments them. I can honestly say these are the best I've ever had! I Would recommend these to any woman! The best part is not having to wear mascara with them everyday! Waking up automatically looking pretty feels so good!"

-Lisa Khalil, Student, Nashville, TN

"I cannot live without my eyelash extensions! When I wake up, I look fabulous! When I go out with friends, I look fabulous! When I get out of the shower, I look fabulous! Ashley, Thank you for helping me look, and most importantly--FEEL fabulous!"
-Danielle White, Homemaker, Cottonwood Heights, UT

"My girlfriend came into work one morning and I couldn't believe how naturally beautiful she looked! Her face was glowing! I couldn't put my finger on what she had done, so I asked her what her secret was. She wrote Ashley's number down on a sticky note, passed it to me and said, "Eyelash Extensions! But don't tell too many people, I want Ashley all to myself!" Now I get my lashes done every few weeks and we have the whole office guessing"
-Sarah Lowe, Music Producer, Nashville, TN


"I just have to express how much I love Ashley at Southern Lash Lounge!!! Right before my wedding a couple of my eye lashes broke off So I called up Ashley and she was MORE than willing to help me! She applied my eyelash extensions flawlessly! She even got them to stick to my broken eyelashes! I have to say, I have never felt so beautiful which was great because it was my wedding day!!! It's amazing much of an affect eye lashes can have for your confidence. I absolutely loved them! They stayed on for over a month. Another great thing about them, is they looked so good, that on my honeymoon I didn't have to worry about wearing makeup! She is amazing and I definitely recommend her to anyone who is debating on getting eyelash extensions!"

-Mindy L, Photographer, Salt Lake City, UT


"I asked Ashley to do my lashes for my wedding.  I was nervous as I did not want them to look fake or too “over the top”. I was amazed how natural they looked and felt! I received so many compliments on how they made my eyes sparkle! I have been getting my lashes filled ever since and they make all the difference in the world!"

-Emily Roseborough., Sales Manager, Salt Lake City, UT


*A $45 non-refundable deposit is required to book your appointment. (Your deposit is applied towards your balance at the end of your appointment.) Click through here to make your deposit. 

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