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Friendly Reminders


  • When you book an appointment, you agree to the cancellation policy. Appointments cancelled within less than 24 hours or "no shows" require a $35.00 cancellation fee in which the client is responsible to pay upon cancellation.


  • Please clean your lashes prior to your appointment! Please do not come to our appointment with mascara, makeup, oils or moisturizer on your lashes. Eyelash extensions will not adhere to any unclean or oily natural eyelash. The longer we spend cleaning your lashes, the less time we have to apply the eyelash extensions. For best results, please cleanse (with cleanser and water) your lashes thoroughly before your appointment.


  • We are closed Sunday. Calls, text messages and emails will be returned the next buisness day.


  • Please refrain from talking/moving during lash application. When you talk, your cheeks move which result in your lash line moving. If you lash line is moving, it is more difficult to apply extensions.

Effective 1-1-2015


In order for us to meet the needs of all of our clients, we are altering the way appointments are being scheduled. Prices have not changed.


Existing Clients:

Upon booking an appointment please determine how much time you will require for your lash application and schedule the appropriate fill accordingly.


For instance, if you normally require an hour service you will need to book a "Fill" which time allots up to 45 minutes of removal of out grown lashes and application of new lashes and is a $65.00 service.


If you have gone through a shed cycle, experienced ware and tear, or have noticed you need more than an hour service, please book the appropriate Fill Plus, Master Fill, or Full Set, which service allot up to 60 to 80+ minutes.


If you have any additional questions, please refer to the Pricing page for more information.


New Clients:

Upon your two week check up we will help you determine after the two week period how often she recommends you return for a fill going forward.

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